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Becoming a member of Simply Home may be the best decision you’ll ever make. Check out our membership plans to sign up! Life just got better…. You’re welcome, friend.

What you Get by Enrolling as a Member

Our Simply Home memberships are jam-packed with everything you’ll need to kick chaos and disorder out the door, while maintaining the peace and functionality you’ve always wanted in your home. 

Simply Home Program

From hands-on worksheets and helpful instructional videos to fun home & family challenges and so much more; this program covers everything you’ll need to completely declutter, re-organize and sustain the dream home atmosphere you want. 

Exclusive Videos

With our Program’s specialized step by step tutorial videos, monthly webinar classes, live Q&A’s, virtual room organizing and group coaching call sessions, you’ll have plenty of supportive resources within viewing pleasure… making your journey to an organized life that much better.

Home & Family Challenges

With exciting new challenges throughout our program and community resources, you’ll boost your confidence as you create new habits and routines in your home, and have a lot more fun and improvent as you hone in on your organizational skills.

Valuable Content

Our program contains high quality videos, classes, materials and personalized coaching & community support; and with continual uploads of new videos, classes and materials you’ll know that with Simply Home, you get the very best!

Family Support

Simply Home’s backbone lies in family life and is designed to be the ultimate support to active families. From coaching calls to family-based materials and monthly classes; families can feel empowered as they work together in their home.

Caring Community

Starting your own journey of improvement is great, but building inspiring connections with others’ journeys is even better! With our community’s interactive discussion forums, group coaching sessions, live Q&A’s and monthly classes, you’ll never be without friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

We love questions and we love answers. Putting the two together, now that’s magic! Check out some of the most common questions asked. If you have a question that is not listed here, share it with us in the message box below.

How does the 7-day guarantee work?

It’s simple. Any time within your 7 days (168 hours to be exact) of purchasing your membership, you can send us an email via and request a membership cancellation. Then, voila! We’ll refund the membership purchase right back on the card you provided to us. Easy peasy.

What’s the difference between the All-Access Membership and the Alumnus Membership?

Our All-Access Membership includes our exclusive Simply Home online organization program, as well as full access to our community features, coaching and virtual room organizing. All-Access Membership is a one-time purchase and lasts for 6 full months. Our Alumnus Membership is a monthly subscription purchase which gives graduate members of our All-Access program continual access and support in our Community resources, including 1x/month one-on-one coaching or virtual organizing sessions, webinar classes, Q&A’s and next level content exclusively for Alumni members only.

How often is new content released?

Our program is client-centric, which means we are constantly uploading new content and supportive resources for our members needs. Whether it be topics for our monthly classes, answering members’ questions in our live Q&A’s or more tutorial videos and hands-on materials per our members’ requests. Personalizing the program with you in mind is our ultimate goal in helping you succeed.

How does coaching work?

At the conclusion of each of our 6-Element sections in our program, we include a one-on-one or group coaching session to our members, as a way to review what’s been taught, answer questions and give support in each element. To schedule a coaching session, you simply click the “Schedule Coaching Session” button and proceed through our scheduling process. Members in a coaching session work with trained coach + professional organizer, Katie Frantz. These coaching sessions are highly valuable and add greatly to members’ success in the program. Each month we also offer community group coaching where members can participate and gain additional insight from other members. Specific details on coaching is available to members inside our program.

How many monthly classes are offered?

Each month we offer one organization class based on a focused topic for the month. Topics such as, teaching children new organization habits, self-coaching methods, living more simply, decluttering your life, and many more are just a few examples. Other classes include a once a month Q&A where Katie answers members’ questions and a live group coaching call. Members can join these live events and ask questions during viewing, or watch all the replays on our Community ‘Live Events’ page.

Do you have to go through the program in order?

There are no restrictions in how you move through the program, but we strongly recommend you proceed through our program in the order it’s presented. Since most of the material is built upon each other, members will gain more success and understanding if they work through the program step-by-step and in the correct order. 

Do you offer hands-on services to locals?

We do not offer local services currently. We believe our Simply Home Membership and Program can help any person in need of home organization services and professional help. In fact, we feel it offers far more than what you’ll get from hiring a professional organization service, because it teaches you the skills to create what you want. We believe in the saying, “Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime.” We’re going to teach you how to organize! Plus, with our affordable pricing, we’ll save you a lot more money too.

As a member, how long do I have access to the program?

Simply Home All-Access Members have 6 months of unlimited access to our home organization program, community resources, coaching sessions and virtual room organization assistance. Alumni members (only available to previous All-Access Members) have the option to subscribe monthly for community access, monthly classes, coaching and virtual room organization services. We currently do not offer extensions to our 6 month membership, but you always have the option to re-purchase our All-Access Membership if you’d like.

Can I cancel at any time?

Sure! But you will only receive a refund if you cancel during your first seven days of purchase. After 7 days, we will not be able to refund your payment. But, we’re confident that seven days is plenty of time for you to get your feet wet with our program and see what amazing resources we have to offer!

Is there anything I need to have to do the program?

As long as you have internet and access to a computer, tablet or cell phone, you can use our program! Materials can be completed online through our PDF formats or printed, depending on your preference. Videos, live classes, Q&A’s, coaching sessions and virtual room organization can also be accessed on most devices. Zoom and Vimeo is most often used for our videos and coaching sessions. If you have any issues, make sure to contact us.

What age groups do you support?

Anyone who can read and watch or listen to videos can use our program! While it may be family centered, our program can work for anyone at any time and at any age. The tools and resources taught can be used for any stage of life. Yes, that includes your kids, teenagers and grandkids! Plus, there’s no better way to teach these essential life skills and habits then at a young age.

What is virtual room organizing?

When members need help organizing specific areas of their homes, including rooms, closets or particular items; they have the option of scheduling a virtual room organization session with Certified Professional Organizer, Katie. Through real-time video walkthroughs, we can help members re-organize spaces, explain better storage options and give ideas and input for effective organization solutions. It’s like having a pro-organizer right there in your home, without costing you a dime. 

What does monthly 'home'work look like?

With themed classes taught each month, members also have the option to participate in each month’s class ‘home’work where hands-on worksheets help members apply new class topics, methods, and thought-work practices. These ‘home’work materials are accessed in our Community ‘Extra Resources’ page.

Does it take 6 months to complete the program or can you complete it sooner?

Our 6-Element program is broken up into 6 months of focused-work. You can move through the program as quickly as you wish, but we encourage members to take the necessary time personally needed to work through each element. While some elements may be shorter to complete, others may take more time and energy. This is why we wanted to make sure that every member had a 6 month cushion to invest in their organization goals, within an ample time frame.

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