Simply Home is not just a program, it’s a way of life.

Peace of mind doesn’t just come from having an organized home,

it comes from living an organized life.

This is why the Simply Home program teaches the true core of lasting home organization by making change within yourself, which creates change within your home.

Life-long home organization is not about rearranging all of our stuff, it’s about YOU.

So, let’s get to it and make real change together!

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Katie Frantz

The Girl Next Door: Organizing Mastermind

meet katie

Simply Home was first established in 2018 after mother of four Katie Frantz decided to share her passion of simple living and home organization with the world. Katie is friendly, fresh and fun. She has created a new spin to life-long organization that not only changes your home, but every aspect of your life. Simplifying your home is just the start.

Early in her life, Katie endeavored to maintain a home that appeared organized by simply moving messes to a place where it was not visible to visitors. In fact, her family nicknamed her “The Stuffing Queen” because of the way she would grab anything laying out and “stuff” it into any drawer or closet she could find. While her intentions of an organized home were good, her methods were not.

It wasn’t until she found herself married and raising four young, active kids that she, like most parents out there, felt completely exhausted, frustrated and overwhelmed by the constant messes that surrounded her every single day in her home. There were never-ending piles of laundry to fold, a plethora of toys all over the floor, dirty dishes in the sink, and crushed-up crackers in the carpet…and none of these messes could be simply “stuffed” into a drawer or closet!

Katie decided to make a change and through extensive trainings and education in professional home organization, home staging, and life-coaching; she created a program that combines home organization methods with self-awareness training. This new way of living became so successful for her and her family, that she began incorporating it when working with clients. Not only did her clients become organized, but they kept it that way.

Wanting to help other families succeed in organizing their homes, Katie developed an online program called Simply Home.

Simply Home’s step by step program will transform your life and home environment. You’ll feel joy again while gaining that peace you’ve always wanted, all while raising your family. After all, do you really want to wait until your youngest is out of the house before you can get your home back? We didn’t think so.

Simply Home has you covered.

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