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It’s so much more than just organizing.

It’s changing who we are and how we live…for the better.

Simply Home is where professional home organization meets personalized coaching .

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“Organizing your home is just a side effect of the real change taking place in you.”

-Katie Frantz, Founder

Our Unique Approach

Certified Professional Organizer + Life Coach + Simply Home Founder, Katie Frantz wanted to create a way for a community of families to learn and grow together as they work towards organizing their homes, sustaining new mindsets and building lasting habits. Katie believes that lasting success in home organization is a result of self-coaching and personalized maintenance routines, making her organization program not only unique, but powerful.

Our Supportive Community

Instead of feeling like you’re on your own, our program connects you to a Professional Organizer and Coach + an entire community of families who are inspiring one another in their organizational journey. From monthly classes, Q&A’s and discussions, to sharing transformation stories and ideas; you will have continual support all along the way.

Our Exclusive Membership

Simply Home’s All-Access Membership Program provides all the skills and tools needed to organize your home top-to-bottom and keep it that way. Our detailed program in combination with our community + coaching sessions will guide and motivate as you create long-lasting organization in your life.

Our Coaching Impact

Making changes in our homes’ organization requires us to make changes in our mindsets. With one-on-one + group coaching sessions, you’ll be able to create personalized lifestyle habits and routines that will not only keep your home organized, but your personal and family life too. Coaching is what makes the difference from temporary changes to life-long success!

Our Personalized Guidance

With a firm belief that organization is personal, we don’t teach that there’s a right or wrong way to organize. In fact, we help you create the perfect home organization system that fits you and your family’s lifestyle. With professional guidance and coaching, you’ll soon become a pro when it comes to maintaining order in your own home.

Our Affordability

Home organization is not a luxury, but a necessity for every family home; Katie wanted to create a very affordable resource for families. No longer do you need to hire an expensive professional organizer or pay thousands of dollars for a personal coach. Our program gives you the tools needed to succeed in all your organization goals, as well as empowerment to help others.

How It Works

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Member Shout-Outs

Cindy F.

I didn't know where to start, and didn't have the time to finish what I would begin. My office isn't finished yet, but I am using your principles and ideas to deal with the chaos and get organized in a manner that I can do. Thank you again for your excellent system. It's working!

Joey J.

Wow! I honestly didn't know how well I would do at this, because I really struggle, but Simply Home is by far the best thing I have ever done to help me get my home and life organized. Our family and home life is so much better, and I really think Simply Home is a major part of that!

Brooke P.

I’ve tried various methods to clean and organize my home, but I didn’t have very good luck keeping it that way. This program helped change my mindset about how to manage things instead of just storing and organizing them. The amount of clutter in my home has decreased and it has been much easier to keep clean!

Lauren S.

This program has made such a HUGE difference in my home and has completely changed my outlook on organization! From the amount of resources, coaching, tips, and more... Simply Home has pretty much changed my life! Thank you!

Corey J.

I also love the Simply Home community. Being able to engage with others who are experiencing the same changes as me has been an wonderfully uplifting experiencing. If only all online forums could be so positive and warm!

Lauren G.

Simply Home is truly unique compared to other methods of organizing I've seen. It teaches you how to view your life, home, and circumstances through a different lens that will ultimately allow you to develop habits and skills that will help you stay organized for life.


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All-Access Membership

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By joining our 6-month All-Access Membership you will have exclusive access to our home organization program, our amazing members-only community and professional coaching + virtual room organization sessions right at your fingertips.

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Alumnus Membership

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After completing our 6-month All-Access Membership Program, Alumni members can continue gaining community support, learn self-coaching and develop more in-depth organization habits through our monthly membership.

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Decluttering 101 Kit

Say goodbye to clutter! Get our FREE Decluttering 101 kit and decluttering checklist. Learn our ‘one and done’ decluttering method and how it will help you clean out the clutter and have lasting results. There’s no better time than NOW to get started!

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